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Become A Donation
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Contact Info

65 Thomas St, Paterson, NJ , USA

(908) 291-7044

About Us

Who We Are

We will do everything to meet your expectations

We are a company of Food Industry professionals of different nationalities with over 10 years of experience exporting Mediterranean Food Products and are based in USA.

100% Natural

All products are 100% natural and made with pure items.


We deliver within 5-7 business working days.
Our History

Here are Our Milestones

  • Company Started

    1st January, 2012
    We usually go directly. What value can you add to our business?
    Even by partnering with Link, you will continue to go directly in fact, the suppliers will invoice you, not us. But dealing with suppliers through us, you will reap additional benefits. Just to mention two of them
    When you look for a product:
    you will save time and money because you will benefit from our experience and a network of suppliers with proven reliability,
    When managing the supplier:
    you can rely on a local independent partner whose focus is your business and how to protect it and make it grow, not the manufacturer’s sales or profits
  • What services can you provide us?

    1st May, 2022
    Send us a request by phone or e-mail
    Let us know what Mediterranean Food Product you are looking for, including quantities, packaging preferences (whether for branded products or private label), and technical specifications if already known.

    Our response
    As soon as we have matched your request to a fully accredited Italian producer, we shall reply to you with details of the product, including the best prices.

    If you like the sound of our proposed product and the price, we arrange for free samples to be sent to you.

    The deal
    If the samples meet your expectations and you’d like to move forward with buying the product, we arrange the sales contract with the producer and ensure all quality accreditations and logistical details are correct.

    Your Mediterranean Food Product is delivered by the supplier to the place and time, ready for your customers.